The 7 Levels of Jahannam

This level is for Muslims who were sinful in the world. It has the least heat among all the levels and has the least painful punishment for the sinners. As the sinners enter through its gates their faces will be burned and the fire will eat their flesh. Here Allah will renew their flesh everytime after they are burned.

This level is situated below Jahannam, and it is for people and Jinn who did not believe in Allah, rejected the Prophet’s messages and did not believe in them as the messengers of Allah. The main punishment in this level is that fire will eat away one’s organs one by one both externally and internally, and will finally destroy their body.

The third level of Jahannam and it is situated below Ladah. The punishment for the people here is that fire will eat up their flesh but not bones. The four reasons for which people land up in this level of Jahannam are:

  • They did not perform Salah (prayer).
  • They did not offer food to the poor.
  • They used to talk vainly to those who in vain that is they used to follow the path of unjust and falsehood.
  • They refused the existence of the Day of Reward and Resurrection (Qayamat).

In this level, situated below Saqar, it is believed that the fire here will burn the sinners to the bones and emblaze their heart and inner organs. The fire will start from their feet and then go up to their heart. It is believed that the sinners will cry to the point where their tear glands will dry out, the blood will dry out, and their tears will be of the huge amount that even if a ship was to be sailed in the pool of their tears it will do so easily.

It is believed that it lies below Al-Hutamah, which is a big piece of coal and is bigger than the lowest level. Sinners will be thrown here because for three reasons:

  • They did not give correct belief to Allah.
  • Declined to give the correct right to the creations.
  • Did not encourage feeding the poor.

This level of Jahannam is situated below Jaheem. This level has been kindling since it was made. It consists of 300 castles which have 300 huts each in which there are 300 rooms each and, in each room, there are 300 different types of penalties. The pain here is unimaginable, unbearable and it is very painful. Here there are scorpions, snakes, chain, ropes and whatnot. Also, it has a pit of Agony which is the most painful punishment in the whole Jahannam.

This is the last and the worst level of hell. It is the seventh level of jahannam, situated below Saeer. It is said that no sinner will be released from this level. There is pitch darkness on this level. Backbiters and non-believers are punished here. The sinners in this level will be crushed under mountains with them lying on their faces.The hands of the sinners will be bound to their necks and their necks to their legs. And Zabanniyah( angels of Janhannam) surely will stand on them. The hands of the angels are supposed to be made of strong iron and as punishment to the sinners they will beat the sinners with their bare hands. The Quran says that Al-Hawwiyah is the level in which kindled fire will embrace the sinner as a mother embraces her son.