Ramadan Mubarak!!

Ramadan is a holy Islamic holiday that involves Muslim fasting (not eating or drinking) from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan is a 29 - 30 day long holiday and is one of the five pillars of Islam.

  • What is Ramadan?

    Learn what is Ramadan and what is the purpose of the holy month?

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  • Ramadan Rules

    Read about what breaks your fasting and who is exempt from fasting

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  • Ramadan Worksheets

    Download Ramadan Puzzles, Coloring Pages, and join us in our 30 Challenges event!

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  • Preparing for Ramadan

    Start prepering for the holy month of Ramadan. Set your goals and use our free resources for learning about Islam!

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  • How to act during Ramadan

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  • Sunnahs of Ramadan

    Learn what the Prophet Muhammad Saw used to do during the holy month.

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