House of Islam

Welcome to the House of Islam. House of Islam is an organization has been created with the goal of providing free and easily accessible resources related to Islamic content. We believe in making this knowledge available to everyone, regardless of whether they are new Muslims, born Muslims, or non-Muslims. To ensure that our resources remain accessible to all, we do not implement any paywalls or require subscription fees. Additionally, the privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us and as such, we do not sell or share any of their data. To access our resources, simply download our iOS or Android app or utilize them directly through our website.

About Me

House of Islam is a project made to provide accessible tools for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn about and practice Islam. I dont make any money from House of Islam, I dont collect your data, nor do I lock any information behind a paywall. All the information on this website and the House of Islam apps are completely free!

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