House of Islam Help and Feedback

House of Islam is a app made to provide accessible tools to practice Islam to the Muslim community. As a Muslim myself I saw that a lot of the Muslim applications on the market either charged you monthy to access their services, had advertisments, or collected insane amounts of user data. I don't, everything is free to use and no user data is collected and sold.

My goal with House of Islam is to not only provide free tools to practicing Muslims, but to provide information to non-muslims that may have a bad or biased view on Islam and what we as Muslims stand for.

Nope, we do not collect any user data, that includes the location data you share with us, any inputs in our apps, or even when you view the Quran. You are not being exploited for your data!

Thanks for letting us know! You can reach us though our contact or feedback page!

Yes we do! You can download it for iOS or Android