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Rabia M. Baig
Muslim Influencer

Women in Islam Q&A

I was originally born in Pakistan and came to the United States when I was 14, so growing up back in Pakistan I had no clue about Islam. While it is a muslim country, I didn’t fully learn about Islam like I did in the US. We only had one course of Islamic studies in our curriculum, but they only taught minimum and basic things. All I knew were the basics, we only have one god, we need to pray, and fast during Ramadan. Plus my family and friend group were not super religious anyways, we would pray, but not fully following the religion itself.

When I came to the United States I began exploring new places, new things and new people, and I got into this inspiration about learning about Islam. This was because I was hit by a personal hardship in my life. This lead me to research about Islam. I became so inspired and impressed about Islam, I began spreading the good word about Islam, so those who only had basic knowledge didn’t have basic knowledge.

I am Pakistani.

My favorite verse in the Quran is, “And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (2:115)

One thing I love about Islam is the ability to have one on one with Allah. Im not taking about dua, or prayer, but using my personal time to sit alone. Turning off all lights, opening the curtains, looking up into the sky and talking to Allah like he is my friend.

While I was going through the hardship, it felt like the hijab just came inside my heart, I want inspired by anything. One day I woke up and felt like covering up. So I started slowly by wearing the full sleeves, then I started covering up my chest with the scarf. I still didn’t wear the hijab, but I had it for months and months. I started looking for loose pants and eventually began wearing the hijab.

Yes, recently I went to the DMV and wanted to get a new id because I didn’t have my hijab on in the image and I my id was about to expire. I gave the women behind the counter my id, she looked at the id and looked at me and said “You should have not worn this, you should take it off”. I responded asking if she didn’t like and she gave me a mean face. I complained about her.

I am a Graphic Designer of 6 years.

In Islam, there is a lot of discrimination within Islam itself. They say towards women, you’re not allowed to do this, or this, etc. My advice would be to look into each ascent and do your research. Do not just go off of what other people say. Islam is not against women, it is actually in favor of women. It is men who create these rules from generations before.

I think it is absolutely heartbreaking. I recently saw a video of a women crying over her sons grave as the Israeli government was tearing apart the graveyard to make a theme park. We did everything we can by spreading awareness, posting on social media, and setting up charities.

Women should have the right to wear whatever they want.

A big misconception about women in Islam is the idea that women cannot work, or go to the gym, or even travel alone (This was originally true because it was dangerous to travel in the deserts alone, but with planes and cars for transportation scholars decided that women are allowed to travel alone because their safety is not in question.).

I want them to be confident in following the right path. I hope they not listen to other people and be confident in themselves. If they want to work, then they should work and become leaders. There are not much leaders in women in Islam, even including scholars. Even though there are very few female scholars, they don’t come out on social media. I think they should share their knowledge with the world.

I’m a very chill person, I am not super strict. I’m not fake, whatever I have in my heart I say it and I’m very straight forward. Im not fake on social media, whoever I am you will see it on the platforms. If somebody is not following the religion the right way I will not bombard them with rules and regulations.