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Nic Clarke

Revert Q&A

I knew some Muslims and they inspired me to learn more about Islam. I read the Quran and half way through it just made sense and felt true.

I converted on January, 2020.

My first Ramadan was challenging, but good alhamdullilah.

It has improved my mental health, positive mindset, physical health and has made me kinder and more critical thinker.

I was mostly agnostic before converting to Islam.

Mostly uninterested and allow me to live my life but some have expressed criticism or quietly disapproved.

I have struggled with learning to pray and Quran recitation. I have also had a lot of negative experiences with Muslims and non Muslims which has made me cautious of people.

I would tell other reverts that everything will be okay if they trust in Allah and try to remain peaceful and open minded to others.

Please go to my YouTube Channel for my detailed story.