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Revert Q&A

I wanted to be part of the Ummah.

I took my Shahada on September 2021.

It was quite difficult because I was still in the process of learning how to pray, and the do's & don't of Islam.

I found my purpose in life. I found peace in my heart. Many things have fallen into their right place. I got the guts to get rid of haram things.

I was a Roman Catholic before converting to Islam.

My dad was surprised and upset. I wasn't grew up with him and still hoping we will reunite someday. Out of frustration, he told me, how i could change my religion. We are literally apart from each other yet I decided to distance myself from religion as well.

After I reverted I struggled in many ways. Many consequences came. I lost my haram relationship. I lost friends. I had problems with mum financially that came to the point that I lost all my savings. Staying abroad alone is not easy, but Alhamdullilah. Allah is sufficient.

After Allah chose you to guide, keep learning and practicing the religion. Keep learning to ask for guidance and protection from Allah. Stay away from the circle of people who you think cannot help you maintain your eman. Always remember what you've been through when you were in the wrong path.

Since 2013 I have been an overseas worker in the Middle East. I started working in Saudi Arabia. I took my shahada and reverted in 2017, but I wasnt able to completely embrace and practice the religion due to workloads. I decided to move in Oman to find my luck and good future, but it felt like whenever I went I couldn't find happiness, until I decided to find my purpose in life. I searched different religions and beliefs. Hinduism, Islam, Judaism. I studied psychology as well thinking the answer might not be in religion. I watched debates between Christianity & Islam and other religions and I've seen that only Islam was the strongest and most consistent regarding beliefs, proof and evidence. I decided to go to Islamic center to take my Shahada again.