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Mackenzie Majeski

Revert Q&A

After hearing about the religion I started to look more into it and after that I was always interested in it and kept learning more about it. Everything made sense and i always had answers, I was never confused about anything. It was so reassuring for me.

A couple years ago is when I said my shahada.

It was hard because I was by myself and at that time no one knew.

Islam has given me the confidence i never had in myself before. It made me a better person in many aspects. I use to have severe depression and hated myself and my life but now I love myself for who Allah has made me and the life He’s given me.

I grew up in a Christian household.

Unfortunately, they don’t know yet.

Hiding it from my family is the hardest thing for me. I want them to see how much Islam has impacted me but I still haven’t built up the courage to find a way to tell them.

Don’t give up no matter what. Allah has chosen you to become apart of this beautiful religion. And don’t be ashamed if it’s hard for you to learn something or remember to do certain things. You will be rewarded just for trying! And never be afraid to reach out to other muslims for help, we are always here for each other.

Well, even tho i grew up in a christian household, my family was never really religious. I always believed there was a god but i still had so many questions, and certain things i was taught just never added up to me. When I finally started looking into Islam, suddenly everything made sense. I never doubted or questioned it, it just felt right. Deep down in my heart it resonated with me and it’s unexplainable. I could just feel that it’s true. And the more i learned, the more i fell in love with it. I’m still learning so much.