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Kihembo Aaylah

Revert Q&A

I went to a Muslim funded high school for 6 years. Over time I became friends with Muslims and I used to watch them do Ramadan, duas and pray. I sort of connected with everything. During my 5th year—I have a sister who is a revert because she got married to a Muslim man—I began spending time with my sister who is a Muslim, she would invite me to the mosque. This one time we went to the mosque and we listened to these women and their stories about Islam, they eventually brought a sheikh and he began to kind of preach. After he preached I went up to him and told him I think I want to convert. I went back to school for my final year and I had a lot of Muslim friends, I was scared of what other people would think about be going to the mosque and praying. My friends taught me how to pray, a few surahs, and most of the things I know now about Islam was taught to me in school.

I converted on December 27th, 2017.

My first Ramadan was very difficult, but it was beautiful that I was part of it. I got used to it over time, it was nice.

When I left high school, it became very difficult to follow the religion because I barely knew anything. Please had less time to teach you, it was hard for a little bit. Eventually after some time I told myself if you want to fix your life you need to fix your relationship with Allah. At some point I had so many bad things going on in life left and right, becoming Muslim has helped change my prospective on life. Everything—good or bad—is explained, but knowing everything happens for a reason feels lighter on me as a person. Knowing every single thing is planned by Allah has improved by as a person, it has even changed my character, I no longer drink or do haram things, alhamdulilah. It has changed the way I live, I feel a bit more calm because at the end of the day you can’t control what somebody does. Im happier and I’m not depressed life before in my life.

I was Christian before converting to Islam.

My dad is open minded, so when I told him I became Muslim he did react. He was like “Oh ok, you do you”.

Some struggles I deal with is knowledge, connecting with my Salah, learning Arabic and wearing the hijab.

I would say when you have the thought of joining Islam, when you’ve seen all the beautiful things about Islam, everything after your Shahada is going to be better. To reverts that denounce or reject Islam, I would say not to go back on your work. Keep seeking knowledge and go on a journey of your own and you are on that journey on your own, you cannot give up.

I’m 21 years old, i’m turning 22 next month. I am a University student and I am graduating next year.