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Kiandra Browne

Revert Q&A

I was born Christian, my family was not that religious though. As a kid I prayed before going to bed and read Bible stories, but when I was between 15 and 16 I started questioning who God was. I first started looking into Christianity. I began questioning why god was important, why did he get mad when stuff goes wrong. I started associating mistakes as God being upset at me. The more I read into Christianity, the less I understood. It was not until I began questioning the authenticity of the Bible that I began looking into Islam. I number of factors made me want to revert, but the biggest part was how the Quran has been preserved for centuries and how beautiful the scripture is. The fact that people memorize the Quran was something I have never seen in Christianity. I also found it beautiful the amount of mercy God has on non believers and how the Quran references the Bible and the Torah.

I took my Shahada on September 4th 2020.

I felt a huge Imman boost during Ramadan, but due to me feeling different during Ramadan, I became very unapologetic about being Muslim and my deen. I began to care less about what people think.

Becoming a Muslims has made me less angry and a lot more forgiving. My character in general has improved from Salah. I would easily get upset at people and situations I was in. If you told me three years ago that I would be a Muslim wearing the hijab, I would not believe you. Though I am always continuously growing and seeking more knowledge.

I was a Christian before converting to Islam.

It was rough, my family even growing up was not religious. I think even if I told them I was a practicing Christian they would still think I am doing too much, but an advise I would give reverts is try to encompass by showing the beauty of Islam and why you converted. I started wearing the Hijab in August of 2021, my family was scared about how I was changing so much, but I am still the same person, I just wear a head covering, pray five times a day and don’t do things like cuss. I am a better version of myself, but not a different person. I showed how the mother Mary wore a head covering, how Jesus grew out his beard, and how women in the Bible in general wore head coverings.

One of my biggest struggles as a Muslim is I get frustrated from not knowing everything. I feel dumb, because while I can’t remember or learn a verse, other have memorized whole chapters. Though I have realized that taking the learning process slowly and realizing it’s a journey. I was scared of being judged. When I went to the Mosque I saw others praying in different ways. I became caught up in what other people think and do, but I realized to take it day by day and always be intellectually curious.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to go about Islam. For example, if a random auntie in the Majid gives advise or criticism, don’t just take it blindly, read about it. Listen to scholars, try getting the answers by research and looking for knowledge independently.

I honestly think when I talk about the beauty of the Quran and the Hadiths, Islam makes more and more sense. Nothing in Islam doesn’t have a meaning or an explanation. You are able to ask questions are why something is haram. Islam is based on knowledge and logic, there is nothing haram or halal that doesn’t made sense. What attracted me to Islam is the fact that it is not just rules, but the spiritual change and the way of acting and thinking. You can ask questions and wonder. I used to go to a Christian school, when ever I would ask questions I would be given answers that don’t make sense, just the response “Trust God”. Before I converted I asked God to lead me to the right religion—I would later learn what I made was Dua--, but God led me to Islam, Alhamdullilah.