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Emily Rahman

Revert Q&A

After learning about Islam I fell in love with the beauty of Islam, how peaceful it was and then came to realization that it was the truth.

I took my shahadah in 2019 however I wanted to be Muslim ever since 2015.

In all honesty it wasn’t too hard. Before taking my shahadah i would fast a few days in Ramadan so I already knew what to expect. The feeling you get in the month of Ramadan is indescribable. It made me feel so pure, I loved every moment, both tough and enjoyable.

It’s given me purpose, made me look at things in a completely different way. I appreciate more. It’s made me become a nicer person too.

I didn’t believe in religion before I was aware of Islam.

My mother was always supportive. My father on the other hand wasn’t. When I first told him I wanted to revert back in 2015 he told me he would wash his hands of me. He had very Islamophobic views, however in 2020 he wanted to learn more about Islam, apologised to me for all the things he ever said about Islam and said he respects my decision and that he is proud of me. In 2019 my sister came to me and told me she wanted to learn more about Islam and asked for my help. Alhamdulilah in 2020 she took her shahadah.

Learning how to pray, the pronunciation of Arabic is what I struggled with the most so it made it difficult when learning surahs.

Not to be afraid of judgment. Reach out to other Muslims if you ever feel alone because it will definitely help you and feel more apart of the Muslim community. the ummah will always help those interested in Islam.

I first became known to Islam when I studied it in my gcse RE lessons. My teacher luckily happened to be Muslim herself so she had such a passion when teaching the class and that made me really listen in her lessons. I fell in love with every aspect of Islam. I started speaking to my Muslim friends about wanting to revert and going to mosque on a few occasions. After I finished school I didn’t look into Islam the same way I did before. I always knew I would revert one day, but at that time in my life I wasn’t necessarily thinking about Islam. When I turned 18 I started to learn more about Islam again, I began to wear hijab. A year later I took my shahadah and I had never felt more happy and pure before. I knew it was the correct decision. I didn’t revert straight away because it isn’t something you can rush, it requires a lot of thought. It’s a decision that will effect the way you live your life and there are a lot of changes you have to make. After the first day wearing hijab I didn’t ever take it off after that. I would always wear it when I’d leave the house. Modesty has been hard journey for me. Although I wore hijab a year before becoming Muslim I didn’t cover the front of my hair, I would wear tight clothing all the time too. Going from a life of wearing revealing clothes to then being expected to cover up completely is a difficult change that people often expect us to snap into. Alhamdulilah I managed to put on hijab, even though it wasn’t correctly worn, Allah swt saw my efforts and struggles. As of last year I began to wear my hijab with all my hair covered. From time to time I still do wear tight clothing but I try to cover it with a cardigan or open abaya ect. Insha’Allah one day I will only wear loose clothing. In the beginning of 2021 I was added into a revert group chat with over 200 reverts. From that we created a smaller group chat with around 20 of us. They are a huge part in my life. They helped me when I struggled with my eman and we all help one another when trying to develop our knowledge of Islam. I think it’s important to have relationships like this for other reverts. Not once have I looked back at my old life and wish I hadn’t reverted. It was 100% the best decision I have ever made.