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Revert Q&A

Islam aligned closely with my religious beliefs, but for years I had not realized it- largely due to stereotypes and ignorance on my part. Upon discovering this, I was drawn to the concept of rewards/sin, views on the economy, protections for women, and ideology of how the "church" should operate.

I became a Muslim in the first week of Ramadan 2021- but I consider myself being a Muslim around 2 years prior, as that is when my beliefs aligned with it. I started that Ramadan as a Christian in name but was heavily open to Islam by that point.

Christianity has the idea of fasting, but nothing official where you must fast for an extended period- so that was difficult. It went well and provided me a lot of clarity and I was grateful to discover Islam shortly before, so I could partake. It was difficult incorporating the 5 daily prayers in my life with work and school, but I managed to successfully make each one. COVID was relatively isolating during this period unfortunately, so interaction in the masjid was limited and led me to being mostly alone. While difficult, this may have been for the best as I was able to discover Islam without distraction or outside opinions.

I would say my life hasn't changed in the sense of how I live it, as this was a gradual change and not a rapid one. I do have peace in the fact that my beliefs align with a group larger than myself and finding validation for what I had come to believe. Islam has provided me clearer direction than what I had prior, and steps to follow where I feel I can properly worship Allah swt through life.

I was born into Catholicism and eventually converted to Baptist Christian.

My mom was shocked because she is a devout Christian, with me having played a large part in leading her to it. Overall she was accepting after some conversation.

I felt largely alone- you're literally giving up what you've known your entire life to pursue a new journey and lifestyle, many times on your own. Potentially facing family ostracism, some unwelcoming masjids, and having to relearn my religion was difficult. With trials come strength assuming you place your burden on Allah swt; we'll never understand all of this world and would be foolish to assume we can fix all of it's problems. It was hard admitting I had no control over the situations before me, but I trusted they would be removed- and largely were.

It may be lonely at first, but it isn't about other people. Pray the right ones are let into your life and focus on learning Islam- sometimes we're on our own for a reason. It can be extremely difficult restarting or leaving behind old habits, but you're fully capable and will overcome any trials you face.

Over time I drifted away from Christianity's fundamental beliefs such as the concept of salvation. This was largely due to educating myself through prayer and reading, but left me in a gray area where I was "Christian" but didn't exactly know what to believe. I essentially admitted there is a lot I don't know, but God (Allah swt) exists and I trusted I would be shown the correct path when the time comes. Eventually I interacted with a coworker/friend who is a Muslim, and we had a discussion where I slowly realized what I'd come to believe closely aligned with Islam. From that point, I researched further and counteracted the negative stereotypes associated with Islam that kept me from ever researching it prior. Alhamdulillah, the answers came rather quickly and I began my journey as an official Muslim.