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Candace Ashley

Revert Q&A

I was born and raised Christian and didn't know anything about Islam. When I met my first Muslim, I found out that Muslims believe in the same prophets from the Bible, which was really confusing because I'd always been told that Islam was something completely different from Christianity. It caused me to do some research to see what the difference was, which led me to understanding Christianity better and seeing that I wasn't really practicing it. In turn, I became a better Christian, which ultimately led me to Islam. I had to give it a long thought and realized that I never met with any of the other prophets, whether it's Jesus, Moses, Noah, etc, so I put my faith in Allah and embraced Muhammad SAW as well.

I converted to Islam 4 years ago.

My first several Ramadans were very difficult because my family wasn't supportive that I was Muslim, so I ended up hiding my fasting and prayers for a very long time. It made it stressful to act like I wasn't fasting as not to be discovered or bullied about my beliefs.

Becoming Muslim and embracing Islam has truly beautified my entire wordy experience, alhamdulillah. It has given me perspective on the point of this life, my purpose, and where I will ultimately go when I die, in sha Allah.

I was a Christian before converting to Islam.

Unfortunately many reverts deal with rejection and criticism when they revert, and my case was no different. I was disowned by family and friends, but some of them have grown to tolerate me and understand that I love Islam and that it's become the center of my universe.

My biggest struggles were rewriting my identity and working through the complex social and cultural issues that occurred as a result of choosing to be different from everyone I know. Also, I really struggled with not being able to find Muslim friends and feeling like I didn't have a sense of community. I felt very alone and sad for a long time, which is what led me to make friends online and now I have so many friends online and have been given the opportunity to help girls all over the world!

Love and accept yourself and don't seek validation from the external world. The more people you involve in your choices, the more people will judge you and tell you what to do. Know that your relationship with God doesn't need to involve anyone else and you don't need anyones approval! You are perfect how you are! Don't feel pressured to make changes over night. Know that Islam is a journey and not a destination, learn things and do what you can to grow a little bit everyday. Literally no one on this planet is perfect, we were made in this condition! Plant little seeds of faith, keep watering them, and they will grow into a beautiful, strong, and deep-rooted tree in time.

I was born and raised in Nevada but relocated to California almost 9 years ago. I have a degree in psychology and a love for helping people. I use my experiences and education to impact and help others. I create content online to benefit other reverts and born Muslims, and I use my platforms to try to educate and eliminate the misinformation that exists in the western world about Islam and try to show the beauty that I’ve discovered. I hope by sharing my story and journey that I can inspire, motivate, and empower others to be the best version of themselves.