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Abdullah ibn Loren

Revert Q&A

What made me want to convert was the need of having the answer to life, like why I’m here, what is my purpose and where will I go when I die; basically the meaning of life.

I converted to Islam in 2010.

My first Ramadan was difficult, I failed it and only was able to fast 17 days. I has no support, as I has never met a Muslim until after one year of practicing as a Muslim.

Becoming a Muslim has been complicated (obviously), but ALHUMDULILLAH, I’m happier, I have hope and purpose.

I was born Christian, but I wasn’t religious when I found Islam.

My family has reacted mostly positive to my reversion. My children and father converted after me, but my mother, siblings, adopted son and my extended family haven’t, may Allah guide them, ameen.

Quoting drugs, alcohol, Marijuana and cigarettes was difficult. Losing my kids mother was also difficult as she hated Islam and did not want to get married. She kept the kids the next seven years, but I got them back for years ago.

Stay strong, hold on with Allah, we are invincible!

I’ve never met a Muslim in my life, and when my youngest son, who is now 13, was born I was not allowed (for other reasons) in the room. 10 days after he was born (He was kept in the hospital for other reasons) I was wondering the hallways, and on the bottom floor they were selling used books. So I looked around and found the Quran and decided that would but it since I has never read it and had nothing better to do. I started reading it and soon realized that many of the prophets in the Old Testament, like Jesus, John the Baptist, and Mary, were all in it and revered.

I literally could not stop reading the book, and read it front to back. I then turned it over and read it again, upon reading it a second time I decided it was the absolute word of God and that the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, was a messenger of God and is the final messenger. Despite this I still didn’t want to be a Muslim. I decided because I was in love with this book, as it gave me so much knowledge and I could put this book down and still haven’t put this book down 12 years later, I would read it for a third time. While reading it for the third time I was doing lots of research to understand the context of verses discovering the sunnah and the authentic Hadiths that are backed up by ruling of the Quran. This is when I discovered that the one who believes that Islam is the ruth and turns his back on it and does not follow it is in a worse punishment than anyone who has no idea and does evil.

At this moment for the first time in my life, I feared God. Even though I love God, I feared God, and I wanted mercy because I knew that I was wrong in the way that I was living. I decided at that moment that I had no choice that is I didn’t follow the truth I will not be saved from the fire. So, I started my journey and my journey has not ended, I am still learning and am teaching and raising my children to be Muslims as best as I can. I am helping others be Muslim to the best of their ability. May we all be forgiven for our shortcomings in our religion, may we be given Afriyya and baraka and be able to enter into the highest level of paradise, ameen.