Yousef (AS)

The Beautiful Story

Yousef (Joseph) was the beloved son of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) and had 11 older half-brothers. One day, Yousef had a dream in which he saw 11 stars, the sun, and the moon prostrating to him. Yaqub was overjoyed by this news and realized that his son was chosen by Allah to be a prophet. However, he was concerned about how his older sons would react to this news, as they harbored jealousy towards Yousef. He therefore warned Yousef not to tell his brothers about the dream.

As time passed, the envy in the hearts of Yousef's brothers grew. They felt that Yousef was special and they were not, and couldn't handle their emotions. They eventually devised a plan to get rid of Yousef by throwing him into a well. They approached their father and suggested that they take Yousef with them on an outing, and Yaqub reluctantly agreed.

The next day, Yousef set off with his brothers. They traveled far in search of a deep well, and when they found one, they pretended to drink water and led Yousef to the well. They grabbed him, removed his shirt, and threw him into the well. Yousef struggled and pleaded with them to let him go, but the brothers overpowered him and threw him into the well before running back home.

When they returned home, they told their father that a wolf had eaten Yousef while they were racing. Yaqub was suspicious of their story and believed that Yousef was still alive and that the brothers had been enticed by Shaitan (satan) to do evil. He remarked that the wolf was merciful to have eaten Yousef without tearing his shirt. He bore the grief with patience and prayed for his son's safe return.

Meanwhile, Yousef managed to cling onto a stone ledge and prayed to Allah for salvation. A caravan bound for Egypt stopped at the well to fetch water, and the water drawer was shocked to see Yousef clinging to the rope. The caravan people immediately shackled Yousef and took him to Egypt, where he was sold as a slave to the highest bidder, the treasurer Al-Azeez.

Yousef not only grew up to be a handsome young man, but he was also blessed with exceptional knowledge and wisdom by Allah. His honesty won the heart of Al-Azeez, who placed Yousef in charge of his household. During this time, Yousef was confronted with his second trial when Al-Azeez's wife, Zulaika, became obsessed with him. She chased Yousef and grabbed his shirt, causing it to rip, when her husband returned home. She accused Yousef of trying to seduce her, and Yousef was thrown into prison.

In prison, Yousef continued to be blessed by Allah and was able to interpret the dreams of the prisoners, one of whom was the king's chief cupbearer. The cupbearer promised to speak to the king on Yousef's behalf, but he forgot about Yousef once he was released.

Years later, the king had a dream that no one could interpret, and the cupbearer remembered Yousef's ability to interpret dreams. He told the king about Yousef, and Yousef was brought out of prison to interpret the dream. Yousef's interpretation proved to be accurate, and he was released from prison and made a high-ranking official in the kingdom.

Eventually, Yousef was reunited with his father and brothers, who had come to Egypt seeking food during a famine. They were unaware that Yousef was the high-ranking official they were seeking assistance from, and Yousef tested their reactions to ensure that they had repented for their past actions. After Yousef revealed his true identity to them, they were overwhelmed with emotion and begged for his forgiveness. Yousef forgave them and promised to provide for them and their families during the famine.