Yaqub (AS)


Yaqub (AS) also called Isra’il (Servant of Allah) was a prophet of Allah and son of Prophet Ishaq (AS). How grandparents were Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Sara. Yaqub (AS) was the father of the Prophet Yusuf (AS). Yaqubs 12 sons went on to become the twelve tribes of Israel. In the Quran, Yaakov is mentioned as a prophet and is revered by Muslims as the "patriarch of all the prophets" and the "father of all the prophets.”.

He was known for his wisdom and was a successful missionary, spreading the message of God to the people in the East of Egypt. However, he faced challenges with his own sons, who became embroiled in a family feud. Despite this, Yaakov's legacy and the legacy of his twelve sons continue to be honored by Jews and Muslims alike.