Yahya (AS)

Companion of Isa (AS)

Yahya or John the Baptist (AS) was a prophet of Allah during the era surrounding Isa (Jesus) (AS). He was the son of Zakariya (AS) and a barren mother. He was born about eight months before Isa (AS).

Yahya (AS) grew up to a religious and pious person. The Torah was reiterated to Yahya (AS) and he memorized it. Yahya (AS) always held fast and strong to the region. From a young age, Yahya (AS) was given good judgement, understand and wisdom. Yahya (AS) did not only care for human beings, but also animals. Yahya (AS) became a very well respected person. He never got married, as he never felt the inclination to get married. Yahya (AS) would often preach and relate from the Torah to the people of bani Israil.

Yahya (AS) was given 5 commandments to preform himself and have the people of bani Israil perform. These were the 5 commandments:
  • To worship Allah and you associate no gods besides him.
  • To pray
  • To fast
  • To give charity
  • To remember Allah

As the years past Yahya (AS) and Isa (AS) grew up, the three of them became the main leaders of the community and would preach together. This included Zakariyya (AS), Yahya (AS), and Isa (AS).

Though, there was a tyrant ruler from bani Israil at the time. This leader fell in love with his niece. His niece was an evil women; and when the king fell in love with her, she became eager to become the queen. Though, how would she marry him when its haram in the religion. So, she sent for a fatwa to Yahya (AS) and asked if it is permissible for her to get married to her uncle, which is the king. Of course, Yahya (AS) say, no, it is haram.

One night, she was with her uncle and began to seduce him. Though when he came near her she said, no, it is haram, because Yahya said its haram. So, she said, I will not let you go near me until you bring me the head of Yahya as a dowry.

So that king became hyped up with desire and pride, and he sent his troops out to Yahya (AS) to kill him. They killed Yahya (AS) and chopped off his head. He brought the head of Yahya (AS) to the niece as a dowry.

Yahya (AS) was a man of faith, patience, and submission to Allah.