Shuaib (AS)

The Speaker

Prophet Shuaib (AS) was a messenger of Allah and was send to the people of Midian. The people of Midian practiced a lot of things prohibited by Allah. This included theft, tax collection, the practice of idolatry, and seller seating out their customers by lying about their products.

Shuaib (AS) was an amazing preacher and talked to the community about following Allah and doing good deeds. However, he was mocked and considered a food. Many people even accused Shuaib (AS) of doing this with the goal of being wealthy.

He continued to to try and convince them for many years. Despite the threats and accusations Shuaib (AS) suffered, he kept his composure and continued to preach the message of Allah.

The disbelievers became so enraged by Shuaib (AS) that they decided to rob him and his followers of their property and push them out of the town. They disbelievers said they would allow them back into the city as long as they would accept to abide by their rules. Prophet Shuaib (AS) and his followers refused and reconstructed their lives away from the town.

The disbelievers eventually challenged Shuaib (AS) and told him to ask Allah to inflect them with the punishment he has warned of. Shuaib (AS) made dua to Allah for guidance and Allah told him to leave the city. Allah gave the town unbearable hot weather and huge thunderstorms that shook the ground and killed everyone.

When Shuaib (AS) and his followers returned to the town, they say the fate of the disbelievers. They did not feel any regret though, as they have them clear warnings and they failed to listen.