Lut (AS)

The Corrupt City

The Prophet Lut (AS) was a prophet and messenger of Allah. He was a close relative of the prophet Ibrahim (AS) and grew up in the same household. Lut (AS) was the cousin of the prophet Ibrahim (AS).

One day, the community of Ibrahim (AS) tried to kill Ibrahim (AS) by throwing him into a fire, but Allah ordered the fire to be cool and peaceful on him. When Ibrahim (AS) emerged from the fire unharmed, Lut (AS) was the only one among the people present who believed in him.

Ibrahim (AS) migrated from Babylon in Iraq to Syria and then to Palestine. Lut (AS) followed him and was also guided by Allah. Allah revealed to Lut (AS) and Ibrahim (AS) their duty as prophets and chose Lut (AS) for a special mission.

Lut (AS) was sent to the city of Sodom, which was known for its corruption and evil deeds. The people of Sodom were involved in different sins, including theft, rape, and the practice of homosexuality, something that had never been seen before.

Lut (AS) was tasked with calling the people of Sodom back to the worship of Allah and warning them of the punishment that awaited them if they did not repent. He preached to them day and night, urging them to abandon their evil ways and follow the path of righteousness.

Despite Lut's (AS) efforts, the people of Sodom refused to listen to him and continued in their evil ways. They mocked him and threatened him, but Lut (AS) remained steadfast in his mission. He prayed to Allah for guidance and sought His help in delivering the message to the people of Sodom.

One day, three angels appeared in the form of handsome young men. They were sent by Allah to with a decree to destroy the city of Sodom. The three handsome men approached Lut (AS) as people passing through the city. Lut (AS) knew what happens to people who pass by the city and feared for the three men, but he didn’t want to send them away as that would be rude of a host to do. So he snuck them into his house and hosted them with his family. Prophet Lut (AS) was married and had two daughters.

Unfortunate while she did not engage in the acts of homosexuality, Lut’s (AS) wife supported their actions and told the men of the town that there were three handsome men in her home. The people of Sodom, hearing this, tried to force their way into the house of Lut (AS) and force the angels to engage in homosexual acts with them.

Lut (AS) began to fear for the men, and even offered his daughters up for marriage, but the people of Sodom were corrupt and did not want women. Until they revealed themselves to him and told him they have been send by Allah. The angels deterred the people of Sodom by making them blind. They told Lut (AS) to leave the city by night and not look back.

Lut (AS) and his family obeyed the command of the angels, but his wife, who was a disbeliever, did not. She stayed behind in the city, as she was a disbeliever and supporter of the people of Sodom. She was punished along with the rest of its inhabitants.

Among the three angels was Jibreel (AS), he was to carry out the decree of Allah. From the edge of his wing, Jibreel (AS) grabbed the whole city and lifted it up all the way to the heavens. So high and so close to the heavens that the inhabitants of the heavens heard the screaming and crying of the people of Sodom, and the people of Sodom heard the Tasbih of the angels. Jibreel (AS) then flipped the entire land the collapsed it on the ground. Then Allah send down baked stones onto the people of Sodom. Each individual stone had the name of an individual engraved on it. Only Lut (AS) and his family, who had obeyed the command of Allah, were saved.