Ishaq (AS)

The Lineage

Prophet Ishaq (AS) was a messager of Allah and the second son of Ibrahim (AS). During their old age, Ibrahim (AS) and his first wife Sarah (p.b.u.h) received the news of Ishaq (AS) from three angels sent in the form of humans.

Ishaq (AS) was sent in the shaam area (Shaam includes Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan). When Ishaq (AS) grew older he was told by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to marry someone from his relatives. So Ishaq (AS) married his cousin, Rafqah, the daughter of Batwil. Ishaq (AS) had twin sons, Ishaq and Yaqub (AS).

Prophet Ishaq (AS) preached the path of Allah in the land of Canaan. As he become older he became blind and settled with his son, Yacoub (AS) in Habron, Palestine. All of the prophets after Ishaq, with the exception of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, are descendants of Ishaq (AS). Prophet Ishaq (AS) passed away at the age of 180 and was buried next to his father Ibrahim (AS).