Isa (AS)

The Messiah

The story of Isa (AS), also known as Jesus, is a story of devotion, faith, and salvation. Isa (AS) was born to the virgin Maryam, who was a devout and pure woman. One day, while she was sitting and devoted in her worship, Allah sent Jibril (Gabriel) (AS). Jibril appeared to Maryam as a beautiful and complete person, and she immediately sought refuge in Allah, fearing that he was not a believer.

Jibril reassured Maryam, saying that he was a messenger from the Lord, sent to give her a gift from Allah - a righteous son. Maryam was confused and asked how this was possible, as no man had ever touched her and she was not a wicked or dirty woman. Jibril explained that it was easy for Allah and that this son would be a sign for the people, a miracle and a mercy from Allah, and that it was a decreed matter that no one could change. Jibril blew the soul into Maryam's womb, and she became pregnant.

Maryam was scared and sad, and she ran away from her people, worried about how she would explain her pregnancy to them. After nine months of pregnancy, the pains of labor came to Maryam at the trunk of a palm tree. As she sat down and felt the labor pains, she started to cry, overwhelmed by the physical pain, exhaustion, and emotional devastation of facing her people and being humiliated and called wicked names. She wished that she had died before this day and been forgotten.

However, Allah comforted Maryam, saying that he had made beneath her a bed of comfort and had sent a stream of water and ripe dates to help her regain her strength. Maryam ate and drank, and her energy returned. Isa (AS) then spoke to her, telling her not to worry about what she would say to the people and to simply signal to them that she had vowed to fast, abstaining from food, water, and speaking. Maryam returned to the city, carrying her baby and having been absent for a few months.

When Maryam arrived, the people were shocked and accused her of bringing forth something outrageous. They asked how she could have done this, as her father was not a wicked man and her mother was not a dirty woman. Maryam simply pointed to Isa (AS), who immediately spoke and said that he was the slave and servant of Allah, given the scripture and made a prophet. He commanded Maryam to pray and give charity, and he was blessed wherever he was as long as he was obedient to Allah. Isa (AS) made it clear that he was not the son of God, but rather a slave and servant of Allah.

As Isa (AS) grew older, he preached and performed miracles, spreading the message of Allah. However, some people did not believe in him and plotted to kill him. Allah saved Isa (AS) from being crucified and lifted him up to heaven. Unlike what the Christians believe, Isa (AS) was never crucified, but rather Allah made to appear so.

Maryam's unwavering belief in Allah allowed her to bear a son who would become a prophet and a sign for the people. It also reminds us that nobody is worthy of worship except Allah and that we should all strive to be obedient and faithful servants to him. The ascension of Isa (AS) is a testament to the power of Allah and his ability to save those who believe in him.

Isa (AS) will return to fight and kill the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) before the day of Judgment.