Hud (AS)

The Great Builders

Prophet Hud (AS) was a messenger of Allah and was sent to the people of Ad. The people of Ad where incredible architects and have build beautiful mansions and structures. Though, while they knew a lot about the world, they did not know much about Allah and practiced idolatry.

When Hud (AS) was sent to the people of Ad, he preached about worshiping Allah and not practicing idolatry. Though, the people of Ad were not convinced and instead accused Hud (AS) of wanting to be a master and wanting wealth.

Hud (AS) explained that all he wanted was for them to follow the path of Allah. The people of Ad arrogantly asked Hud (AS) if they would be judged for their actions on Earth, Hud (AS) said yes. Though, despite being aware of their possible punishment, they stubbornly refused to beige him.

Hud (AS) reminded them of the story of Noah (AS) and what happened to those who do not obey the words of Allah. As the years past, the people of Ad became more arrogant and proud as they believed that idols were their Gods who protect them. Everyone believed that Hud (AS) was crazy, and mocked and accursed him for hurting their “Gods”.

Then, a drought struck and cracked the land. Hud (AS) asked the people to turn to Allah and that he will bring the rain, but he was laughed at. The drought persisted until dark clouds appeared. The weather changed drastically, bringing gusts that flew everything in its path, including people.

The winds lasted 8 days and tore away all of the bodies of the disbelievers. The people who believed Hud (AS) were unharmed and migrated to Yemen to worship Allah alone.