Haroon (AS)

Brother Of A Great Prophet

Haroon or Aaron (AS), was a prophet the older brother of Prophet Musa (AS). Haroon (AS) was chosen by Allah to be a prophet to the bani Israel (children of Israel), after Musa (AS) made dua to Allah to make Haroon (AS) a prophet.

Haroon was born in the land of Egypt during a time when the Pharaoh and his ruling class oppressed the Israelites and treated them as slaves. Despite this difficult circumstance, Haroon (AS) remained faithful to God and dedicated himself to spreading the message of monotheism and obedience to the divine will.

Through his faith and perseverance, Haroon (AS) helped Musa (AS) lead the bani Israel out of Egypt and into Jerusalem, where they received further guidance and instruction from Allah.

In addition to his role as a prophet, Haroon (AS) was also a great leader and teacher of the bani Israel. He was known for his wisdom and guidance, and he worked tirelessly to help the Israelites understand and follow the laws and teachings of God.

Despite his many accomplishments, Haroon faced challenges and hardships throughout his life. He sometimes struggled to maintain the faith of the bani Israel and faced opposition from those who opposed the message of monotheism. However, he remained steadfast in his commitment to spreading the word of God and guiding the Israelites towards righteousness.

Overall, the prophet Haroon (AS) was a man of strong faith, patience and devotion to Allah.