Dawud (AS)

The slayer of Goliath

Prophet Dawud or David (AS) was a prophet of Allah and is believed to have lived in the 10th century. He is famously known for defeating Jalut (Goliath) and becoming the King of Banu Israel. Prophet Dawud (AS) is mentioned in the Quran 16 Tims and Allah released the holy book Zabur (Psalms) to him.

Prophet Dawud (AS) was a skilled warrior who was called upon to fight Jalut (Goliath), a giant and ruthless man in the Philistine army. Half of Talut's army had already fled upon seeing Jalut, but Prophet Dawud (AS) stepped forward and was able to defeat him in combat. As a reward, Talut, the leader of the army, promised to marry his daughter to the victor and kept his promise by marrying her to Prophet Dawud (AS).

In addition to his bravery and combat skills, Prophet Dawud (AS) was also known for his beautiful voice and the ability to understand the language of animals, given to him by Allah. He used his voice to praise Allah. His voice was so beautiful that even the birds, plants, and mountains enjoyed listening to him. Dawud (AS) was able to forge weapons and armor with his hand.

In addition to his physical abilities, Prophet Dawud was also known for his devotion to prayer and fasting, often observing fasts every other day and breaking up his nights into segments for sleep and prayer.

However, despite his successes, Prophet Dawud (AS) faced challenges and hardships in his life. Talut, who had initially promised to marry his daughter to Prophet Dawud (AS), grew jealous of him and tried killing him, by sending him to deadly battles, which he managed to win. Later, Prophet Dawud's (AS) wife informed him that her father was planning to kill him, and he was forced to flee Banu Israel. He sought refuge in a cave, where he was eventually approached by people seeking his help to overthrow Talut, who had become oppressive and tyrannical.

Rather than seeking revenge, Prophet Dawud (AS) chose to forgive Talut and show him the message of love rather than hate. Eventually, Talut died in battle and Prophet Dawud (AS) was made the king of Banu Israel.

Palestine was peacefully administered for 40 years by Prophet Dawud (AS). He lived in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) for 33 years and Hebron for 7 years.

Masjid Al-Aqsa was in ruins when Prophet Dawud (alaihissalam) began the massive effort of rebuilding it, but he died before finishing it. Later The Masjid Al-Aqsa was completely rebuilt by his son Prophet Sulaiman (AS).

Prophet Dawud (AS) lived for 100 years. Overall, Prophet Dawud's (AS) life was marked by his bravery, intelligence, and compassion.