• Paper Currency

    Paper money was first used in China in the 11th century. However the Quran says that paper money was known and used long before the Chinese: Quran 18:19. "Warak ورق " in Arabic means paper. "Warikikum بِوَرِقِكُمْ " means your paper money, not coins. So the Quran says that paper money was known and used long before the Chinese.

  • Hieroglyphs

    1400 years ago nobody knew Egyptian hieroglyphs. It says that "The sky weeps" over the dead Pharaoh. This was known recently, however this was portrayed in the Quran 1400 years before it was discovered. While describing the mourning of Pharaoh: Quran 44:29

  • Pharaoh's Mummy

    It is said in the Bible that Pharaoh's body drowned in the Red Sea. The problem is that Pharaoh wore body armor that would have sunk his corpse to the bottom of the sea. But we already discovered all mummies of Pharaohs in the New Kingdom. There is no such thing as a missing Pharaoh's mummy from the time of Moses. So if he really drowned then his body armor should have sunk his corpse to the bottom of the sea and his body should be missing today. This metal armor plus the semi-precious stones are much denser than water and should have sunk the corpse of the Pharaoh to the bottom of the sea. Instead we found his body inland mummified. The Quran predicted this 1400 years ago in: Quran 10:92

  • Flight

    1400 years ago the highest altitude a man could reach was the height that he could jump. But the Quran foretold that man someday will reach the sky. Quran 29:22 and Quran 84:19

  • Directions

    Historically several conventions were used to set directions on maps. Different conventions pointed to different directions. However all the ancient conventions faded except one. Today all maps use the same standard: Up is North, right is East, left is West and down is South. This means if you are standing then the sun rises to your right and the sun sets to your left, you are facing North and behind you is South. However 1400 years ago this was portrayed in the Quran: Quran 18:17