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Amirah Costa

Revert Q&A

I was christian but I never thought Jesus and God were the same person, so when I heard that muslim believe in Jesus but as a prophet, I started studying about Islam, and then I realised that I had more in common with muslims in the way that I believe in God, than what I had with christians.

I became a Muslim on the 13th of September 2012.

It was nice alhamdulillah. Although I am from a country where there are not many muslims, Allah blessed me with the opportunity to spend my first Ramadan and Eid ul fitr with 40 muslims from Malaysia who were spending 3 months in my city because of their work.

Becoming a muslim changed my life completely and gave me a purpose. I was lost…

I was Christian.

My father was the only one in my family whose opinion was important to me and he always supported me and he seemed proud to have a muslim daughter .

Prejudice from born muslims. I used to feel very sad because it is hard to make friendship with other muslims.

Be sincere in everything you do, keep in mind that everything must be about you and Allah only, take your time to learn things, search for the source of every new thing you learn and trust Allah.

I was trying to learn English online, then I met a muslim guy on a website for language learners, and I asked him if he knows Jesus, and he said that muslims love Jesus and he said that I could read about how muslims believe in Jesus. That was the beginning of my journey to learn about Islam, and a few weeks later I took shahada alhamdulillah.